Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Lied

I guess today has been rather productive after all. So here is the ninth part. I was going to see about resolving it in 13 parts. I'll have to see. Well, at any rate I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Cos I'm really getting quite fond of the old thing.

****Part IX*****

Her father eased out of the recliner and thought, “I must have really been tired.” He padded upstairs in his stocking feet and got ready for the day. Pulling on his standard uniform of jeans and a padded flannel, he started thinking about Fiona. Then he shook his head quickly. She was 16 and bound to be getting into some sort of trouble. That’s all kids did nowadays; it was why he put her in private school. Yes, it was expensive, but hell, it was worth it! From somewhere, a voice told him he needed to ease up on her. He shook his head quickly again. Out loud he said, “A child needs a firm hand.” With that he stomped to her bedroom and pounded on Fiona’s door. “Come out here now!”

She stretched and yawned. Then she glanced at her alarm. “Dad, it’s not even 5:30 yet…”, she tried to put a wheedling tone into her voice. “Unlock that door this instant young lady!!! If you don’t by the time I count to three…” What was she, three years old now? “I will knock this door down. 1….2….” She opened the door a crack. “Dad, can I please put on my robe?” He glared at her…his eyes looked like they were on fire. He started shaking and in a quivery voice raged “Where is your nightgown young lady?” He threw open the door and it slammed into the wall just as she was tightening her robe. She turned around, smiled, kissed his cheek and went downstairs to start breakfast. He just stood there, his mouth gaping open, staring. Then he turned on his heel and stormed down the stairs.

Just as he hit the dining room, she gave him his morning paper and not two seconds later, she set down his coffee just the way he liked it (two creams, one sugar) and a plate of French toast. Shortly afterwards she put down a platter of bacon. Something had to be wrong here, but he couldn’t quite put a finger on it. Oh. She never showed him her left side. “Fiona, get your bones in here!” She popped out of the kitchen…just her face and asked, “Yes Dad? Is the French toast undercooked again? I’ll fix it right away!” “Get out here. All of you. NOW!” With that he slammed the table and the dishes and the silverware jumped. Fiona eased her way out of the kitchen. Meekly she faced him. “I want to see your left side. With her left hand, she nervously pushed up her hair so her neck showed. Quietly she uttered the prayer many teenage girls have said, “Please don’t let him see, please don’t let him see, please don’t let him see…”. “Girl, what’s your problem?” He handled her roughly and peered at her neck. “Nuthin’ there to see. Get back to bed! I’ll clean up.” Maybe he needed glasses after all. She sure as heck was acting like there was something to hide. He grabbed the lunch she prepared him and left to go to work.

Fiona did go back to her bedroom and fell in a sodden heap on her bed. Tears were running down her face. She missed her mother. She missed Kristoff. And for all she knew there was a gaping wound in her heart like there had to be on her neck. But her dad, old fool that he was, didn’t see it. She walked over to her closed door and hung up her robe. In the future she must remember to always hang it up here…especially if her dad came storming in again. She couldn’t believe he had the nerve to that and to grab her so hard. With that thought, she cried again and jumped onto her bed. Burying her head beneath her pillows, Fiona had the most honest cry that she had had in ages. It felt so good when she came up for air. She started getting ready for the day and smiled to herself. She wondered if she had that glow around her.
She stepped down the stairs, almost gleefully. She hadn’t been this excited about going to school since the day before she first experienced the pain of homework. Grabbing Kristoff’s coat, she put it on. She took a deep breath in celebration of her new life and smiled. Maybe it would be weird, but gosh it was worth it!


“Do you have an excuse for yesterday young lady?” the school secretary sniffed at Fiona. “Why, well, ummmm….no. No, I don’t!” The secretary glowered at her over her half-glasses. These students thought they could get away with anything. Why in her day…the young lass had some guff, she was looking at her as if she knew precisely what she was thinking (which of course Fiona did). She gave her a note with the much hated “02” code which mean unexcused. Only two of these each semester and you could bet on spending your days at home. Some of the staff, Miss Hornsby included, felt this was much too lenient a policy. Rumor had it though the principal Ms. Hincklestein would be stepping down soon. Then perhaps someone who could show a little more authority could step in…Principal Hornsby had a really nice ring to it. With that thought, she gave Fiona a withering glance and said, “Go to your homeroom child.”

As she walked out of the office, Fiona stuck out her tongue. Miss Hornsby…what a dumb old broad. She pulled open the door to her homeroom. Why did they even make up homeroom? She had a pass that signified her absence wasn’t excused; why did she have to admit that to seven different teachers as well as the stupid secretary? She gave the note to her Mr. Wrekkly and he jotted it down in his book and gave her back the note. She sat down in her usual seat and buried her head in her arms. Her friend Tori tapped her arm. “Hey, that is one far out coat!” Fiona looked up at Tori and grinned, “Yup, it’s my boyfriend’s. Pretty snazzy, eh?” “Boyfriend?!?!” Tori looked at her incredulously. “You never told me you had a boyfriend!”

Fiona giggled. “Well, uh…I have a boyfriend. His name’s Kristoff. He’s really cute.” Tori rolled her eyes. “Yeah, but we all know your taste in guys…” and made a thumbs down gesture. Finally after going through the pledge, the school song, and a prayer, it was time to go the first class. Today that first class was Arts. Tori shared this class with her. “So when did you meet him…and how?” As much as the two joked around, they really didn’t know many guys. There were an occasional few who drifted through the halls of the school; it was only made a co-ed school the year before. Fiona stopped in the middle of the hallway and watched as Tori walked ahead of her. Then Tori stopped and came back. “Ok. There must be something to him if you make a dead stop in the middle of the hallway.” She watched her friend slowly nod and heard her sigh. “I met him by the river two days ago,” she offered nonchalantly. Tori’s eyes bugged. “By the river? Oh my gosh!”

Nobody knew exactly what it was by the river that made parents and teachers say stay away. The problem was it had been like this for a long time. Parents always forbade their children not to go down by the river, but every so often someone got up the courage to go down there. Fiona was one of them. “Did-did-did you see anything unusual?” Tori sputtered out. Fiona laughed as she opened the door to her arts class and pushed Tori in, her mouth still wide open. “I met a very nice guy by the name of Kristoff. Nothing unusual in that is there?”


Ahhh, storytelling. The gift that just keeps on giving. Merry Christmas one month early everybody. I'm watching a J-Horror flick right now and boy do I wanna cry. English. I got a new to me tv recently and unfortunately at this time I do not have a remote. I have to wait til later in the week. At least I can watch DVDs again. But dubbed versions crack me up. The voices are so bright and cheery, even in the face of death.

****Insert Chapter VIII Here...****

Fiona pulled his coat closer. She didn’t realize just how cold it was when she was with Kristoff. She walked slowly home reveling in her memories as she went. Then she came to her house. Her prison for the next two years. She sighed and pulled on his coat like it was a protective hug. She went up the stairs as though facing the executioner. Her hand reached for the door knob to turn it, but it started turning by itself.

“There you are! I’ve been wondering when you’d turn up. Where did you get that coat?” She hung it up. “Your blouse is completely grass stained on the back? What in God’s name are you up to you little slut?” She just turned around slowly and just smiled at her father as she went upstairs. “Young lady! Fiona! Where do you think…oh just go to your room!!!”

She silently shut her bedroom door and turned on the light. Then Fiona went over to her bed and sat there staring straight ahead. She put her hand under her skirt and touched her thighs and then touched her pussy and quickly snatched it away. She could still feel the moistness of their combined fluids. She slowly walked to the mirror and examined her neck. It was a bit messier than last she checked. Walking into her bathroom, she closed the door. She took out a new white washcloth and turning on the faucet, wet it. As she washed off the blood, her reflection disappeared.

Then she turned on the shower. Her skirt and blouse fell to the floor and she stepped in. Turning her face to the shower, she let it rain down all over her. Then she sat down and cried tears of joy and pain. She didn’t know what life would be like now, except weird.
Again she let the water cascade over her upturned face.

Stepping out, she toweled off. Fiona then turned and looked in the mirror. The towel landed on the floor the precise moment her father heard her scream. He shook his head and kept reading the newspaper. Padding out of the bathroom, she turned to look in her full-length mirror. It was a little odd to see what she saw. Her head was gone, her neck was gone. Her shoulders were gone. Another shriek resonated through the house. As much as she enjoyed becoming a vampire, there were some things that were rather disconcerting to say the least. She pulled down the covers of her bed, but first she thought she should breathe in some of the night air. She pulled up the blind and pulled up the window part way. The night breeze washed across her breasts. Then she turned towards her bed and crawled under the comfort of her covers.

“My sweet. Oh darling…” Fiona shook herself, not believing what she heard. Cautiously she turned over and opened an eye. Nothing. It was complete blackness to her untrained eye. She heard the folding of what seemed to be wings and then footsteps walking stealth fully towards her bed. “Kristoff?” she whispered. “Is that you?” “My father…” “Hush darling, he is sleeping. I tend to have that effect on him when I come in through your window. And yes, it is a deeper sleep, but still…hush.”

“Kristoff, why are you here?” she said, sitting up. She drew her sheet across her chest protectively. “I miss you every moment you are not with me my sweet.” He kissed her cheek. His gaze passed over her face. She smiled. “Well, ummm. Hmmm.” Still reeling from the evening’s events, she wasn’t quite sure just what to say. Nor how to phrase it. She pulled down the covers and patted her hand on the sheet. “Have a seat if you’d like,” she said shyly. He sat down next to her. Suddenly she was feeling quite nervous. “Is it safe to have you here? I know you said it would be a deep sleep, but…” “Fiona, he is sleeping as though dead,” she turned towards him, startled. “He is not dead, merely sleeping as if he were.” As he said this, he slipped out of his shoes.

“Now darling, what do you feel?” he reached down and removed his socks. In answer she reached around and started unbuttoning his shirt for him. He smiled to himself. Kristoff held out his arms so she could take off his shirt. She touched the button on his trousers. He touched her hand lightly and then he stood up. He undid the button and lowered the zipper. His trousers slid to the floor. Kristoff stepped out them and sat down in the bed, pulling the covers up. Then he turned towards Fiona and pulled her into his arms. “You smell so fresh and clean. Now, do you want to get a little dirty?”

She giggled and reached for his organ. At her touch, he stiffened up. “Do you want…should I…?” He shook his head and she lay back on the bed. She opened her legs and he slowly slid in like a snake. She put her arms around him. He started thrusting slowly and started to build speed. Starting to moan and cry out, she received a warning look from Kristoff. Then he whispered, “Even the dead can awaken Fiona.” She hushed and moaned into his shoulder. He continued to press against her as she cried out silently. With a roar, he climaxed as he sank his teeth into her neck. With that she couldn’t help but shout out, “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCKKK!”
Slowly he stiffened up and as he drank in her blood, he started delivering pleasure to her.

Finally drained, he fell to her side and fell asleep. She curled up and started to think. She knew that life would get weird, but not this weird. Fiona stared out the window at the big full orange moon in the sky and then back at the man by her side. Running her hand along his arm, she started sobbing silently. These weren’t sad tears running down in her face. She was overjoyed that she found someone for her that cared so much for her.

Downstairs, her father stirred when she let loose her epithet. He almost started to waken, but he didn’t quite. His head was filled with thoughts concerning his daughter. He came across as a tough old buzzard, but his heart did have a soft spot for Fiona. She was only 16 and he didn’t know what to think. Fiona was the spitting image of Carolyn and it was difficult to see her when she came home. Lately…well, the past couple of days really, she’d been acting strangely to say the least. Rather mysterious really. He started tossing and turning and let a “Fiona!” which she didn’t hear. Finally his body told him it was almost time to wake up.

Kristoff woke suddenly. He quickly kissed Fiona, ran his fingers through her curls and touched her lightly. She stirred and cried out. As quickly he came, he left. Before changing, Fiona heard “Hush darling…and I love you.”